Fitzco Summer Internship

Fitzco is a unique place. We’re ATL born and bred, and we’re proud of it. We’re looking for people who have intention and ambition behind everything they do (And a little love for Atlanta wouldn’t hurt). We’ve got our eyes peeled for people who are creative to their very core, and look at every roadblock as an opportunity to solve a problem in a new way. We’re not just looking for creatives in our creative department. We’re looking for creatives in every department. So whether you’re an animator, an editor, a designer, a talker, a networker, a writer, or even something that’s not listed here, we’re interested in hearing from you.

How do I apply? Upload your resume and/or your book first (yes, a link to your book will work). Then, instead of a cover letter, we really want to see what you can do! Select and complete ONE of the 3 prompts so that we can get to know a little more about you and how you think. Remember, we’re looking for creative people, so don’t feel like you need to use your business voice. You only have to answer one of the prompts, but make sure you DO answer one! A resume alone won’t get you very far.

How long is the application open? / How long can I procrastinate until I hit submit? The application is open until March 15th.

So, ummm. Is this paid? This is a paid internship. We’ll get into the specifics in the next round, but rest assured you will have beer and Bartaco money.

Wait, I don’t see a specific job title for each internship. What am I applying for? We’re looking for people who are creative first and a job title second, so show us what you’ve got and then together we’ll find the best place for you to spend this summer. Sure, we’re looking for Writers, Art Directors, Makers, Media Aficionados and Strategists, but first and foremost we’re looking for people who approach work outside traditional roles. We’re open to molding and shaping this internship to fit your skills so if you don’t fit a traditional role, apply anyway and let’s find a great fit for you.

If you want to be a creative intern, please include a link to your portfolio.

When will I hear back? We’ll be reviewing applications and inviting people to interview throughout late March and early April. Offer letters will go out by mid-April.

How long is the program? // How long will you be paying me? The program is 10 weeks and starts on June 1st, 2020.

So I get the internship, what do I do once I get there? YOU’LL DO AGENCY WORK- Well duh, it’s why you’re here! You’ll be a member of a Production, Strategy, Creative or Media team. You’ll be in on the meetings, the tough conversations, the lunch dates and everything in between. You’re here, not just to observe, but to be a real part of a team.

YOU’LL SOLVE A REAL CLIENT PROBLEM- Your intern class will participate in a pitch to solve a real business problem for a real client during your free time in the office this summer. It’s a chance to stretch your wings and independently tackle a business problem without having to battle through layers of approval. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of coaching and workshops along the way to get you there.

The summer will conclude with an all-agency pitch, as well as a [potential] pitch to the clients, themselves.

YOU’LL LEARN WHERE YOU FIT- We’re all still figuring things out. So we’ll help you figure out where you fit in an agency by hearing from all the key players themselves. Once a week, you’ll hear from department heads and they’ll tell you a little about their journey, what they do and what they love (and hate) about their role.