Sample essay on whitepaper plastic waste recycling research proposal

Thursday, 14 May 2015.

Recycling is a complex approach designed to reduce environmental pollution on campus (Ross and Evans 570). In addition, the students they use to eliminate polyethylene plastics and bags also demonstrate inexcusable means. This innovation entails the creation of a small plastic recycling plant on campus. Among the activities of the plant will be the melting plastic materials, which will then be used for the production of plastic supports and manial threads as final products

In addition, there will be intervals for collection of waste at various locations and within the complex. Such locations include busy paths, classrooms and hostels. Several people will be responsible for the daily collection of these wastes. Once the waste enters the plant, the separation of plastics from other wastes will be done manually

Plastics are treated as an ideal subject in this document, as it entails innovations that help solve environmental problems associated with plastic waste on campus. In fact, recycling of plastics ensures that no consumables are available in the environment for the use of plastics in new products. This creates additional space in landfills (Ross and Evans 570)

Demand for limited resources is reduced by recycling. This is because recycling of materials significantly reduces the cost of production (Duby et al. 33). In the process of recycling, electricity is consumed by the use of raw materials for the production of similar products. This means that recycling is a cheaper approach, because plastic surgery requires less energy or heat because the melting points of the plastics are low. This will be an environmentally friendly innovation and will contribute to the improvement of low costs and a clean environment.  From an economic point of view, students will be able to collect funds that can be used to finance education expenses in accordance with other financial needs

The choice of this innovation was aimed at combating inappropriate plastic waste. In addition, there are many plastic elements at the university that may be waste. This includes drinks and shopping bags. Poor removal of plastics is harmful to human health and the environment. Of course, plastic is not biodegradable. In this way, poor disposal of plastics leads to environmental pollution. In addition, plastics remain in the environment for long periods of time in the form of waste

Thus, this could be a long and long-term risk to the environment and human health (Mudgal et al 11). Recycling was chosen as the best option to help solve the problem. This is because other recycling methods are expensive. Thus, innovative plastic recycling technology will help to solve environmental problems related to Plummas at a reasonable rate. In most cases, students do not follow the recycling of plastic. This always leads to environmental pollution (Michael 1)

This proposal presents a detailed analysis of the new innovative method that can be used to preserve the environment and to protect the health of people at the university. Innovations here involve the creation of a waste recycling plant on campus. Plastics will be processed at the plant where new products will be produced. The ability of this idea to contain environmental pollution makes it an ideal choice. It is also affordable because it requires less energy than the production of new raw materials. The development of this idea is on the path of students who are wrong with plastic waste

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